In the course of my daily commute between where I need to be and where I want to be, there are images that linger. Depicting moments that transcend the mundane become the impetus for deeper reflection through my daily practice of drawing and painting. The images I craft are careful observations of my surroundings; they serve as the starting point for the non-linear narratives I am perpetually constructing. I am interested in the specific characteristics that describe the modern Midwest landscape. For the last twenty years, Northeast Ohio has been the place where these stories unfold. My research is an exploration of these surroundings, an intimate conversation with the places we share. As a landscape painter, I engage with immediate mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper. The Midwest milieu, with its evolving narrative expressed through architecture, sprawl, and landscape, captivates my creative sensibilities. It is a quintessential American story that provides endless avenues for visual inquiry, challenging me to unearth new perspectives and nuances within the familiar landscape. En plein air, I immerse myself in the energy of a particular place, drawing inspiration from the dynamic interplay of sensations that escape the confines of photographic representation. This direct observational practice allows chance to collaborate with optics, creating an authentic experience that only working in a public space can offer. Painting is about describing the sensation of seeing and can be greatly influenced by allowing the other four senses contribute. Conversations with a stranger, a particular smell or the texture of a surface I am looking at are just a few of the conditions that help guide my process.